Comparing our Standard Raiders Jacket Vs Last Crusade Jacket: The Key Differences

Comparing our Standard Raiders Jacket Vs Last Crusade Jacket: The Key Differences

It’s the second round of our jacket vs. jacket competition! It’s time to put our Raiders Standard jacket up against our Last Crusade Jacket. 


We’ll discover what sets them apart, and help you decide exactly which is right for you. 


The Last Crusade jacket, referred to on our website as the Last Crusade/Crystal Skull jacket, isn’t enormously far apart from the Raiders Standard. They’re both standard fits, so both have been designed using the same size chart to fit the general public, but there are in fact a number of key differences not always visible in the product photos. 


Before we begin our comparison, here’s the measurements of the jackets we’ll be using throughout our comparison:


Size: 42”


Sleeve 25”


Back: 26”


Difference 1 - The Collar


One of the most obvious differences between the two is found in the collar and the storm flap. To begin with, the Crusade jacket has a brass press stud at the top and bottom of the press stud. The Crusade also very obviously has a bigger collar, in fact nearly an inch bigger. 


The collars also sit differently - with the Raiders Standard storm flap slightly smaller with the top rounded closer to the collar. The Crusade jacket meanwhile has a larger storm flap (¼”) with a squared off top, making the collar sit more symmetrical. 


Take a peek for yourself below, but keep in mind:


  1. The colour in these images is slightly different because the sun went in! The Raiders image shows the accurate colour of the lambskin. 
  2. The Crusade collar stud wasn’t done up, it just sat like that naturally in the image. 

Difference 2 - The Pockets 


If you’re an Indiana Jones fan, you’ll know exactly why the pockets between these two jackets are different, and if you don’t know why they are, that’s a piece of trivia for you to discover yourself…


But we will tell you the differences between the pockets themselves. As you’ll see below, the Raiders Standard pockets are slightly smaller than the Crusade pockets. That’s it. 

Difference 3 - The Shoulders


The shoulders are actually different sizes between the two jackets. The Raiders Standard jacket has a smaller shoulder, while the Crusade shoulder features a sloping design. This subtle difference changes the overall fit of the jackets, and causes the Raiders Standard jacket to appear more tailored, while the Crusade fits those with a larger body type thanks to its slight allowance. 

Difference 4 - The Sizing 


Sizing between the two isn’t enormously different. As well as the shoulders, the only key size difference is to be found in the armholes. The Crusade jacket has marginally bigger armholes, which can make the chest feel larger and more spacious. These two factors are what makes the Raiders standard feel like the more tailored jacket. 


However, the Crusade jacket isn’t to be completely ruled out due to it not being a slimmer fit. Those with broad shoulders, or bikers for example, might find the Crusade is the perfect fit for them. The larger armholes are advantageous for movement, with a great overall fit. It’s certainly the case that we have a number of customers come to us looking to get the Raiders Standard jacket, but instead opt for the Crusade because they’ve found it to be much more comfortable for them. A “smart jacket” isn’t for everyone. 


If you’re STILL trying to decide, take a peek at these pictures for an overall comparison. 

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